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Why choose FDC Solutions

By choosing FDC Solutions for your next IT project, you gain years of unique value and experience. Combine this with our top-notch support and guarantee of satisfaction, and you are ensuring your project’s success.

Our Promise of Value

If we can’t provide any value to a project, we will be the first to tell you. It’s that simple. 

Our Extensive Caterpillar and DBS Experience

We wrote a lot of the DBS Core code and the DBS interface to the ‘Spine’ of DBSi while we were contractors at Caterpillar. We have extensive experience in Parts, Service, EMS, Merchandising, Technical, and the interfacing of software to core DBS. We have successfully integrated 3rd party vendor software with DBS and DBSi. As you already know, interfacing with external systems is becoming a daily need to run your business, and we have proven we know how to do this and do it right.

Through our dealer experience, we already have insight into your business system and how things work. This is our competitive advantage, and it translates into lower total project costs for you because our ramp-up time for a project is little to none.

Our Diverse Dealer Experience

We have successfully executed many projects at a variety of dealerships and have relationships with numerous Caterpillar dealers around the world. We have proven project successes with product development and support. Our products are already in production at dealerships with no outstanding issues. We have worked as team members on international projects dealing with multi-currency and multi-company issues.

If you have a special project, chances are we have already done it or a similar solution somewhere else. This will give you a different perspective on solutions and can save you money if an existing solution can be converted to solve your issue. 

Our Valuable Contacts

Nearly all FDC software consultants have worked in Dealer Data Systems for many years. We continue to work with Caterpillar. As part of the development team at Caterpillar, both currently and in the past, we cherish the relationships we make at Caterpillar. We have many good relationships with active employees and retirees who have the dealership at heart. We are located near Caterpillar's Administration building (AB) in downtown Peoria. If we don’t have an answer to your question, or if we need some added knowledge on a particular subject, it’s always a lunch or phone call away. 


I strongly recommend FDC Solutions if you are looking for quality IT services and customer support. The organization builds and supports what a dealer tells them they need not what they think they want! 

D. Robb, Tracsa

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